Puppetry theatre


A re you going to put me in a box?


Angeleta & Etelvina is a bitter-sweet comedy about two sisters who, having grown old and bitter together, are now struggling with dementia. It’s a journey through clouded memories, love and flatulence.

‘Angeleta and Etelvina’ sheds light into caring for a loved one with dementia and its impact on those relationships.”A good balance between reality and




Original music, Sound Design, Voice Direction

Almudena Adalia – Director
Eirini Dermitzaki – Writer
Aurora Adams – Puppeteer
Joanna Greanney – Puppeteer

Mayra Stergiou – Puppeteer
Kelly Frost – Puppet Maker
Luis Alvarez – Lighting Designer
Aleiza Fidalgo – Set Designer
Yaiza Varona – Composer, Sound Designer