HOT (Helen of Troy)

What if you could cast a spell and get your teenage heart’s desire? In her quest for eternal beauty, Amy accidentally conjures the spirit of Helen of Troy. Yes, that Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman who ever lived. 


Grab your scented candles and get ready for a magical makeover from teenage geek to gorgeous Greek. We’re armed with lipstick, high heels, pop tunes, and a stack of magazines – let’s go, girls!


With music, mythology, and 90s movie tropes, this patriarchy-smashing new show asks: what would you sacrifice to become beautiful? And what is it really like to be the face that launched a thousand ships?​
Written by Amy Clare Tasker
Directed & Dramaturged by Katharina Reinthaller
Music & Sound Design by Yaiza Varona
Performed by Amy Clare Tasker & Victoria Howell
Design by Ilayda Arden
Lighting Design by Sherry Coenen
​Produced by Fae Fichtner & Susie Italiano
​Sound Operation & Stage Management by Ben Bass
Photography by Sonia Sanchez Lopez

Katarina Reinthaller


Amy Clare Tasker


Composer, Sound Designer, Music Director


Amy Clare Tasker, Victoria Howell

Pictures by Sonia Sánchez López