VOICE Director

Narrative and audio. Storytelling through sound, unleashing the power of word one throat at a time. Audio fictions, podcasts, VO work, Voice Direction, Binaural recordings, Psychoacoustics


Scoring to picture. The power of images unleashed by a carefully curated soundtrack that stays with the audience beyond the film. Leitmotivs serving as characters, their interaction and evolution


Designing the most compelling audiovisual language resources of the entertainment industry and applying them to Heritage, Museums and Scientific / Technological outreach, so the relevance of the content is felt by an international audience


The magic of live performance, actors voices and spatial designs. Soundtracks that neatly follow the action on stage, and trigger events to allow for maximum performance flexibility

Film awards

Off-West End Award 2021 Winner for Best Sound Design


The feeling of being surrounded by sound. Spatial audio, moving voices, 3D enveloping. Psychoacoustics to deceive the senses and maximise emotional impact

Tv shows

Library music staples and standard genres. Quick and efficient edits for smooth workflows, letting the footage shine


Selected equipment for boutique sound. From premium libraries to field recordings for creative sound design and a network of world class performers

Pushing boundaries


A strong use of sound design and the spoken word used as musical elements adds an extra dimension to the experiences and helps transform the content supported (film, theatre, outreach, research) into sensory experiences that are more accessible to diverse, international and multicultural audiences.

Yaiza Varona has created a haunting soundscape of whispering voices and murmurings that suggest this really is a house of spirits

- Broadway Baby

Yaiza Varona’s sound design and music combine to lift us outside of time

- New York Times

The music is a perfect fit, and, at times, hilarious

- Universal Cinema

About the tools
Equipment, software, acoustic or digital: the right tools for the right job