Darwin´s Tortoise


B ut I imagined her escaping from Darwin´s garden, dragging herself to the chaos of the English Channel, to continue a journey on the continent which would last until today.

I imagined a tortoise who was almost 200 years old, that had lived through eleven popes and thirty five North American presidents, two world wars, the October Revolution and Perestroika. An animal, which, having had to adapt again and again to the most diverse circumstances, evolved until it was almost a person, or even perhaps more than a person.

An extraordinary witness of history from below, from the ground level.




Juan Mayorga


Original Music, Sound Design

Paula Paz – Director
Juan Mayorga- Writer

Production Manager: Jorge de Juan

Composer, Sound Designer: Yaiza Varona

Set & Costume Designer: Malena Arcucci

Lighting Designer: Patricia Polo (BlueMission)

 Technician: Fernando Benito

Graphic design: Roberto Turégano and Alberto Iniesta

Production Assistants: Isabella Ley, Fabiana Conte, Alán Rodríguez.

Cast Spanish version: Gledys Ibarra, Álvaro Ramos, Lara Grube, Jaime Menéndez

Cast English version: Gilly Daniels, Philip Nightingale, Becky Black, Patrick McHugh