the workflow


Understanding the Director´s Vision

Soundtracks can do wonders for storytelling, in a vast array of resources. The first aim to address is to figure out how can sound best serve the director´s precise vision for this story. Understanding its needs from the very inception of the project will always result in curating the best approach for the soundtrack, that may vary from a traditional, unobtrusive subtle soundtrack all the way to bold, unforgettable unique scores and sound design, as well as everything in between


Cross disciplinary approach

In curating the best sonic language for the project, nothing helps better than integrating all other departments into the conception of the soundtrack. Deeply understanding what set, lighting, edition or FX are doing helps taylor a unique sonic language for the soundtrack. Working closely and since day one with other professionals (especially writers and actors) gives the sonic identity of the project the true essence that represents precisely that project and helps recognise it immediately.


Curating a unique sonic identity

What themes, what sounds are unique to the story? Projects with a challenging background often find their language ready to build. A global approach where a soundtrack that can potentially envision together all different sound layers (VO, music, foley, sound design) and more importantly, their interactions, can effectively create a tailored sound identity, unique as a footprint. Sound becomes an integral part of the narrative. This means finding the most expressive sonic resources that emerge from both the text and the staging while creating a system that both supports the narrative and further provides emotion and context.


Sowing emotions

Once we know what the story is telling, what do we want the audience to feel, and when? Understanding the emotional journey that the audience will go through results in diverse resources that will help convey exactly that, at all moments. In the projects where the director´s vision so allows, the soundtrack becomes unforgettable and through it the audience can bring a piece of the story back home with them.