Sonic Journey Texts read by volunteers:

Single phrases
  • Since we all are San people
  • There are two journeys in every travel; whereabouts in the world you are going and the journey inside, so the same person that left may not be the same person arriving
  • If you don´t change direction, you will end up where you are heading
  • Genesis: The origin
  • The Adventure
  • The Drama
  • The Peace: The Destination
  • The night is always darker before dawn
  • Everything happens for a reason. Even the bad things, especially the bad things.
  • A journey within the journey
  • Come, come meet the family!
  • I´m the Dragon. And I´m awake. And hungry.
  • Breathing…searching…finding your place…You can´t fight the Moonlight.

Single Origin Hypothesis
According to the recent single origin hypothesis, human ancestors originated in Africa, and eventually made their way out to the rest of the world.
It is believed, on the basis of genetic evidence, that all human beings in existence now descend from one single man who lived in Africa about 60,000 years ago. The earliest groups of humans are believed to find their present-day descendants among the bushmen, also known as San people.

In The Beginning
The Bushmen believe that in the beginning there was only a shadowy darkness all over the world. The sun, moon and stars didn’t even exist. Therefore it was night and darkness was present all over, so Night and Darkness existed from the ancient times. Nobody knows how old they are and where they came from. What we do know is that old Night and his wife Darkness live in a cave deep in the Ghost Mountains of the Kalahari Desert.

The Sun and the Children
The Sun comes, the darkness goes away, the Sun comes, the Sun sets, the darkness comes, the moon comes at night. The day breaks, the Sun comes out, the darkness goes away, the Sun comes. The moon comes out, the moon brightens the darkness, the darkness departs; the moon comes out, the moon shines, taking away the darkness. It goes along, it has made bright the darkness. It sets. The Sun comes out, the Sun comes after the darkness, the Sun takes away the moon—the moon stands, the Sun pierces it with the Sun’s knife, as it stands; therefore, it decays away on account of it.

To the Young Moon

Young Moon!
Hail, Young Moon!
Hail, hail,
Young Moon!
Young Moon!
Speak to me!
Hail, hail,
Young Moon!
Tell me of something.
Hail, hail!
When the sun rises,
You must speak to me,
That I may go somewhere.
You must speak to me About a little thing,
That I may go somewhere.
Hail, hail,
Young Moon!

There are dragons carved on tops of bells and gongs, because of the beast´s habit of calling loudly when attacked.
A second type is carved on the screws of fiddles, since most dragons are fond of music.
A third is carved on the tops of stone tablets, because of dragon´s love of literature.
A fourth is found at the bottom of stone monuments for dragons can support heavy weights.
A fifth is placed on the eaves of temples, as dragons are ever alert to danger.
A sixth occurs on the beams of bridges, since dragons are fond of water.
A seventh is carved on Buddha´s throne, as dragons like to rest.
An eighth is placed on the hilts of swords, since dragons are known to be capable of slaughter.
The ninth is carved on prison gates, as these are dragons that are fond of quarrelling and trouble making….There are nine major types of Chinese dragons. These include the horned dragon, the winged dragon, the coiling dragon who lives in water, the celestial dragon who protects the Gods, the spiritual dragon which makes wind and rain for the benefit of mankind or the dragon of hidden treasures who keeps guard over concealed wealth.
The last of the nine is the dragon king, which actually consists of four separate dragons, each of which rules over one of the four seas, those of the east, south, west and north.

Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. The reasons for migration can be economic, social, political or environmental. There are usually push factors and pull factors at work. Migration impacts on both the place left behind, and on the place where migrants settle.

 Thoughts About Returning Home
He only awaits the return of the moon; that the moon may go round, that he may return, that he may examine the water pits; those at which he drank. He will work, putting the old hut in order, while he feels that he has gathered his children together, that they may work, putting the water in order for him. For, he did go away, leaving the place, while strangers were those who walked at the place. Their place it is not; for my father’s father’s place it was.

A Bushmen Utopia
Night and his wife Darkness lived their quiet life deep in the stone cave while the whole world was covered in cold and darkness, and had three daughters, who went out to the world and lived many adventures. Finally, they meet three young men and made them their husbands.
It was a joyous occasion with lots of food and dancing. Old Night and his wife were very proud of their three daughters and very happy with the three young men that joined their family.
Each couple made their own hut to stay in and they lived very happily because there was lots of water and plenty of food. The family lived in love and harmony every day of their lives. With plenty of water and lots of food they had enough time for dancing and celebration.
Was this wonderful lazy life of abundance too good to last?

A Homage
A homage to all those who dare to reinvent themselves and dare into the unknown, pushing the boundaries and inspiring us all. We have the hope of rising again after having failed, the promise of a happiness after tears when arriving to our destination. This is a tribute to all those occassions when we stand up again after having fallen. With a little bit of humour, patience and tenderness to allow us heal and learn from our difficulties, it is always possible not only to survive the tough moments but also surpass them without being infected by bitterness and malice, without other side effects other than the knowledge gained, coming back to life fully awaken and not fearing pain again.

For all what we wish and leave in the hands of the Gods. For all the hope in precious projects, for all what’s new and unknown, for all the brand new starts and the funny coincidences. For all the wishing wells, for all our faith growing warmer in our chests, for all the unexpected curves in the road and the surprises they bring. For the ability to surpass them with health and joy…