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The Play To Be Played

In The Play to be Played, freely inspired by Six Characters In Search Of An Author, the protagonists of Pirandello’s play burst into the performance of a current production and vehemently claim their right to tell their real story, which for them is much more interesting than the fiction of our stages.

The author intends to create illusion. He apologetically uses this word which causes his characters so much pain in The Play to be Played. Illusion, after all, is the essence with which theatre works, the illusion of a moment of reality that can invite reflection and, hopefully, emotion.

A few actors and a space where they can develop their performance. Nothing else. Practically without any scenery, without large displays of lighting, costumes or props. The actors and the living word.

Online dramatised reading of the The play to be played by Miguel del Arco and Aitor Tejada in an English translation by Simon Breden, directed by Jorge de Juan with Madalena Alberto, Leila Asgharali, Raúl Fernándes, Maite Jauregui, Alex Mugnaioni and Keith Porter.


Produced by the Cervantes Theatre and Spanish Theatre Company with the support of Acción Cultural Española and the collaboration of the Cervantes Institute, INAEM and the Spanish Embassy in London.


2020 – present


Jorge De Juan


Composer, Sound Designer


Cervantes Theatre London


Play by  Miguel del Arco and Aitor Tejada

Translated by Simon Breden


Madalena Alberto Mother

Leila Asgharali Actress

Raúl Fernándes Elder Brother

Alex Mugnaioni Younger Brother

Maite Jauregui Wife

Keith Porter Actor


Directed by Jorge de Juan

Camera Operator Liam Daly

Lighting Designer Fernando Benito

Composer/Sound Designer Yaiza Varona

Set Designer Ángel Haro


Artistic Director Jorge de Juan

Associate Director Paula Paz

House Manager Puerto Baker

Production Manager Santiago Cabrero

Graphic Design José Luis Hidalgo