Terminal Sur

Forced internal displacement in Colombia continues to be a matter of serious concern. According to official figures of March 2013, over 4.7 million people were internally displaced.

Despite the Government’s efforts to improve its response to forced displacement and implement the Victims Law, widespread insecurity and violence including the forced recruitment of children and youth, sexual and gender-based violence, threats, disappearances and murders continue to occur in many rural regions.

Filmed in Kennedy City, an observant camera drags us into the eerily empty space of Terminal Sur, a coach station located in the Southern outskirts of Bogotá. In an incessant swinging movement we search to see somebody; yet, the space becomes a pristine vacuum, only punctuated by the flickering lights of the distant city and by a chaotic cluster of voices and engines, which highlight the absence of those who disappeared due to violence.




Juan delGado


Original Music, Sound Design