In The Shadow of The Midnight Sun

In the Shadow of the Midnight Sun is a creative documentary – and a multi-screen installation – presented through the eyes of a Syrian refugee, displaced from his homeland and now travelling across the Arctic landscape as he tries to come to terms with his feelings of loss and emptiness in this unknown land.
The narrator’s reflections are interwoven with the seemingly disparate lives of those he encounters on his journey: local residents in the village of Sakajärvi and the town of Malmberget who are undergoing their own experience of displacement, a Sami musician who collaborates with him, a Sami farmer who explains how they live in an shifting envrionment, and others who, like him at in search for answers.
As he travels through this extreme landscape of the midnight summer sun and the long winter night, will these new friends help him negotiate his past and discover his own belonging within this new world?
Directors: Juan delGado
Producer: Outgrain Arts
Line Producer: Andreas Fernández
Assistant Director: Andras Nagy-Sandor
Cinematographer: Borja Mucientes
Camera: Patricio Burbano & J. Carlos Poblete
Trailer Editor: Juan Soto
Colourist: Mónica Rubio
Film Editors: Emily West & Alexander Cockburn
Composer & Sound Designer: Yaiza Varona
Lyrics: Torgeir Vassvik
Written by: Khaled Alesmael
Translation: Jamal Al-Jundi & M. Lewis
Marketing: Jeanne Alexandre & Kat Pavlyuk
Picture Editor: Carola Cappellari
Web Design: FLAT26



Composer, Sound Designer, VO Director

They stripped me of my sword as a warrior

my pen as a poet

my brush as a painter

and my guitar as a gypsy.

On my way to my grave

they returned these belongings.

So what can I say to them

more than the violin says to the storm.