Verbatim Experience / Theatre

Home Is Where...


Made of real stories collected from interviews with Third Culture Kids, people who grew up in a different culture than their parents and created their own unique identities out of many influences.

It’s verbatim, but not as you know it; the stories of Londoners, but not as you know them. Using scripted dialogue alongside verbatim interviews, movement, music, and multi-media, Home is Where… explores the complexity, absurdity, and joy of our multicultural lives.

We are more the same than we are different. We are Londoners.




Original Music, Sound Design, Music Director

Abridged version of the opening for R&D performance at Rich Mix in September 2016: a ‘political soundscape’ created by composer Yaiza Varona with movement direction by Paula Paz.

Performed by Sharlit Deyzac, Joanna Greaney, Leonora Fyfe, Mark Takeshi Ota, Kal Sabir.
Writer Guleraana Mir
Director Amy Clare Tasker
Producer Clarissa Widya

Videography by David Daniel Sentosa

Home Is Where… was “Born In D&D” and scratched at Camden People’s Theatre and The Cockpit in January & February 2016. We explored the idea of an Embassy for Third Culture Kids, using headphone verbatim performance, original music, and ensemble movement.

Directed by Amy Clare Tasker
Written by Guleraana Mir
Music by Yaiza Varona
Movement by Paula Paz
Featuring Sharlit Deyzac, Joanna Greaney, Anna-Maria Nabirye, Mark Ota, and Kal Sabir.
Mark Ota, Kal Sabir, Joanna Greaney, Sharlit Deyzac, and Anna-Maria Nabirye at Camden People’s Theatre. Photo by Charlie Kerson.
 Leonora Fyfe, Sharlit Deyzac, and Mark Ota at Rich Mix. Photo by Aslam Husain Photography.
 Carmina Bernhard, Andrew Troy, Sharlit Deyzac, Bert Roman, and Rachel Handshaw at the Old Library. Photo by Daniel Pacquette.
 Video by David Sentosa.