500 Years At Their Feet: 3D Stoa Patrimonio y Tecnología: English version (composer, sound designer, sound director)

Azoguejo 1520: 3D Stoa Patrimonio y Tecnología: Spanish Version (composer, sound designer, sound director)

Magician of The Heart A Light In The Universe Films (composer)

The Play To Be Played Dramatised Reading : Cervantes Theatre London : (composer, sound designer)

Happiness Dramatised Reading : Cervantes Theatre London : (composer, sound designer)

The Clown´s Minute Dramatised Reading: Cervantes Theatre London: (composer, sound designer)

Taxi Girl Dramatised Reading : Cervantes Theatre London: (composer, sound designer)

Joe Strummer Takes a Walk Dramatised Reading : Cervantes Theatre London: (composer, sound designer)

Tenant (9 Numantia Street) Dramatised Reading : Cervantes Theatre London: (composer, sound designer)

10 Online Dramatised Readings Autumn Season 2020 : Cervantes Theatre London: (composer, sound designer)

The Incident Room: New Diorama Theatre: (composer, sound designer)

HOT (Helen Of Troy): Pinecone Performance Lab (composer, sound designer, music director)

La Casa de Los Espíritus / The House of The Spirits:  Cervantes Theatre London (composer, sound designer, music director)

In The Shadow of The Midnight Sun: Juan delGado (composer, sound designer)

Flare Path Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (sound designer)

‘212’ by Chris York , R&D (composer, sound designer, music director)

Hilos en el aire: R&D Sin Espacio Teatro (composer, sound designer)

A Midsummer´s Night Dream: The Faction – (composer, sound designer)

Sex With Robots: Cloakroom Theatre – (composer, sound designer)

Secret Life of Humans: PRS OpenFund grant with New Diorama Theatre –(composer, sound designer)

Secret Voice of Humans  Concept album (composer, producer, art director)

The Secret Life of Rizado: Dotted Line Theatre – current (composer, sound designer)

Darwin´s Tortoise  / La Tortuga de Darwin: Cervantes Theatre London (composer, sound designer)

Blood Wedding / Bodas De Sangre: Cervantes Theatre London (composer, sound designer, music director)

Sonic Journey: Homeland / Nour Festival (composer, sound designer, artistic director)

Home is Where…RichMix performance: Amy Tasker Performance Lab (composer, sound designer, music director)

Santa Tecla 11 – Santa Tecla 11 (recordist, sound designer)

Home is Where…-  Amy Tasker Performance Lab (composer, sound designer)

London Spanish Film Festival: PopKlik (composer)

Sonic Journey: Techtoberfest (composer, sound designer, art director)

Cielo Y Tierra: Al Borde Films (composer)

Knives in Hens Paula Paz for Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts (composer, sound designer)

Might Be The Same Time Somewhere Else: Juan delGado (composer, sound designer)

Angeleta and Etelvina: Around the Glove  (composer, sound designer)

Sonic Journey: APO33 for Audioblast 3, Nantes, France (composer and sound designer)

Terminal Sur: Juan delGado: (composer, sound designer)

The Night: Cervantes Theatre London, Theatre Dramatised Reading (composer)

West One: Brazil Carnival CD (composer)

Fizz In The Morning: Radio Show jingles and beds for season starting 2014 (composer)

Swarm Robotics: AADRL, Theodore Spyropoulos Studio, London Architectural Association (composer)

The Unfinished: Demo (composer)

MIBE: Various (composer)

Bedtracks: Various tracks (composer)

Avoi: Fun (composer)

Synctracks: Various (exclusive, composer)

Felt Music: Various (exclusive, composer)

Couldb Entertainment: various (exclusive, composer)

Alternative Videos: Symbols and Signs (short film, composer)

Antisamples: Demo (composer)

Sample Libraries: Demos (composer)

Sonokinetic: Demos (composer)

Ashen Stars: Pelgrane Press (composer)

Kenneth: Monster Island Films Production (composer)

Eternal Lies: Pelgrane Press (composer)

Viaja Canarias: Travel Canarias (composer)

Everything is ok: Avolcom (composer)